Tuesday 10 December 2013


This weekend I thought I'd milk the Spanish "puente" [bridge] holiday tradition (wouldn't wanna disrespect the customs now) and bop to nearby Barça for a three day staycation. Despite being a super speedy 50 minute vuelo from Madrid, there's distinct vibes between the two cities, for sure (this definitely ain't a negative thing, no siree). And that's without taking Barcelona's overwhelmingly Independence obsessed, Catalonian-speaking spirit into account; the language adjustment was just a tad confuso for my lil Castilian-accustomed head! 

Even though Catalonia's political/economic backdrop certainly finds itself in a funny phase, this doesn't detract in any way what-so-ever from Barça's unassailable brilliance. The city kinda has it all. It somehow strikes a seamless and refreshing balance between conventional, buzzy city life (countless shops, efficient transport connections, celebrated sightseeing spots etc.), gorgeous beaches and a vibrant vida nocturna [nightlife], all whisked together with an air of cool, youthful nonchalance. The non-stop sun and crystal clear skies were just the cherry on top. 

Here's a small sample of my three day whistle-stop trip:

And what's a Catalonian christmas season without caga tió [shitting log]...  
...or caganer [shitting man]? Oh Barça. "Felices fiestas" to you too.