Tuesday 16 June 2015

Weekly wisdom #9

I can't help it: I have an inbuilt aversion to idleness. While I'm working on my inability to - every now and then - just chill out (one of my many peculiar idiosyncrasies), this doesn't detract from the undoubted perks to this curious characteristic of mine. List makers gonna list, doers gonna do. Just don't forget the down time too, as I'm often guilty of doing. And as hard as it may sometimes be to get started (we all have those days), there's no denying that seizing the day and ticking off that to-do list feels good. As Parkinson's Law lays down: "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion". So set yourself tight deadlines, power through, do it.

Today: Procrastihate - the art of getting sh*t done. 

Thursday 11 June 2015

A visual diary: 2 days in Dubrovnik

(Far too) short but (so very) sweet, my recent whistle-stop trip to Dubrovnik was just what I needed to ease me into a post-uni, pre-"real world" chill state, aided by the company of my darlin' Durham chums. As you'll gather from this lil selection of holiday snaps, the stunning surroundings didn't make the de-stress process too hard either...

Fortunate enough to have lovely Joe's Croatian crib as our base (just wow), we took our fun very seriously and did something we had to train ourselves to do: absolutely nothing. Quite the (ever so welcome) novelty indeed.  

Of course, that's not to say we didn't indulge in such luxuries as reading for pure pleasure (ah!), taking lil road trips into Dubrovnik's famed Old Town (big up designated driver Donal), basking in the hot hot sunshine and bathing in our back garden, viz. the Adriatic Sea. This in-between-student-and-proper-official-adult lark is alright. 

Although I joined the party a few days late, and so managed just 48 hours in the ravishing Croatian retreat (to call the past few weeks hectic would be a big old understatement), this didn't detract from the next level calm I felt as I somewhat begrudgingly departed my two-day trip of tranquility. And the sun-induced golden glow I returned to London with certainly wasn't unwelcome either, even if it did make siblet just a tad envious (muahaha).

Round-the-clock sun chillin' and incredible scenery aside, though, what really made it significant was the rare - and to be ever rarer - opportunity to revel in each other's contented company and accumulate gorgeous little moments to store in the memory bank (and, when appropriate, capture on my camera too). 

Pardon the sentimentality, but as all of us uni folk embark on new paths, in different - and indeed, international - settings, these final few weeks before graduation seem to be marked with all the more specialness. And this little trip felt very special indeed.  

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Weekly wisdom #8

Pop into any bookstore (how quaint) and you'll find shelves awash with guides preachin' how to attain mindfulness amid the madness of modern day life. So many, in fact, that the choice gets a bit, er, mind-boggling. Not to say there aren't a few gems in there. But it needn't be so complicated. 

While practicing mindfulness certainly takes dedicated and sustained effort, the principle is really very simple. Focus on the now. Be fully aware of your surroundings (note the tiniest, seemingly insignificant details). Revel in life's daily pauses (waiting for the kettle to boil, queuing at the post office). Consciously seek a space of inner stillness and uncluttered contentedness. Don't get wrapped up in it all: empty your mind, allow yourself to just be

Today: mindful not mind full