Sunday 18 October 2015

Free fallin'

I won't lie to ya: the abrupt temperature drop and increased hours of darkness haven't exactly been making me spring out of bed in the morning of late. But! Beyond the not-so-celebratory facets of fall, the year's autumnal chapter always bears a tangible twinkle; a certain magic that oughta be appreciated.

That quaint little feeling is all the more perceptible on those particularly crisp, clear sky days – a type entirely epitomised last Sunday in Berl. Swaddled in fresh air and good wholesome energy (supplied by the loveliest of humans), I don't think there could've been a more fitting way to leave the summer spell behind and embrace this sweet season of transition. 

Though technically a "work" day for me – I had flatteringly been asked to shoot a beautiful autumn collection by Berlin-based line Sugar and Snow – it felt anything but taxing. Rather, the agenda was far more based around spending quality time with likeminded souls, dividing our hours between Anna Lina's toasty warm, Pinterest-worthy apartment (complete with gorgeous home baked treats) and the pretty-as-a-picture Humboldthain park. Work wha? 

Amidst a screen-centric lifestyle, consciously making space in my schedule for quality "real world" moments, authentic conversations and taking a slower paced stance are at the forefront of my mind right now. And as we enter this new seasonal phase, I'm newly inspired to really make it work, rather than fall into the all-too-easy cycle of screen/sleep/screen/repeat. 

Now and then, it's vital to disconnect so we can, well, connect.