Friday, 28 September 2018

United states of mind

It's been a quite the minute, four months in fact ~ but not for lack of behind-the-scenes plotting, planning, adjusting and acting (the getting sh*t done variety as opposed to the thespian one). In the process of embarking on the changes I've made over the past months, one of my unwavering short-term intentions was to get myself back to the city that initiated my new life movements♥ New York ♥  

< A visual ode to my dear mate Laura, who so generously shared her sweet TriBeCa space with me, not to mention many excellent adventures ~ the Philly day trip being a highlight >

So during my first week back in London ~ before my "savings" had depleted and life got in the way, as it tends to do ~ I booked myself a September jaunt to the Big Apple, for three weeks of work and play in equal measure (added emphasis on the play). I'd been fortunate to have fleetingly been twice through work, but this was the first time I could define my own terms, schedule and agenda. And define them I did. 

< Tuni, Alexis + a flash of Kathdy in the Filas. I met Alexis (with the fire red lips) one night on the subway ~ the J line to be precise > 

Though I set out with a clear vision of what I wanted from the visit, the path and form it needed to take was an entirely open one, free of expectations and assumptions (which, I've learned, is an approach best applied to all the things). An energising blend of creating, connecting, working and exploring, as well as a healthy dose of serendipity and surprises, the trip ticked off all of my initial intentions ~ and some. Needless to say, the likeminded humans I met along the way, old and new and in-between, were the lox on top of the extra fluffy bagel. 

< An assortment of scenes from Philadelphia, Fort Greene's Soul Summit Festival, Washington Square Park, Brooklyn's Domino Park + The Met >