Friday 3 January 2014

Hello, my name is Paul Smith

Ahh it sure is good to be back on old turf, if only for a one week whistle-stop. Admittedly I've been a little overambitious with the amount I want to squeeze in on my fleetin' LDN return (it's funny how much you grow to cherish homeland after going cold turkey for over three months), but I'm definitely having a good crack at catching up with much missed folk and hang-outs.

One of my first hits was the Design Museum's current exhibition, "Hello, my name is Paul Smith". Charting the globally renowned designer's rise to fashion fame and repute, from his humble Nottinghamshire beginnings to present-day prosperity, the display offers an aesthetically seductive and fascinating insight into the inner workings of Paul Smith; both the man and his eponymous brand. 

The exhibit is neatly divided into individual illustrative segments, from "The First Shop" to "The Hotel Bedroom" to "The Studio", showcasing a comprehensive combination of audiovisual material, original sketches, photographs, clothing and even Paul's personal art collection, plucked from his Covent Garden based studio. 

Running from 15 November 2013 - 09 March 2014, "Hello, my name is Paul Smith" is a vibrant, engaging and truly personal archive of Mr Smith's career. A must-see for all art/design/fashion/creative/retail/business kinda heads.