Sunday 21 May 2017

The fashion statements of Farah Sydney

A little while ago, I promised myself to only agree to photography gigs that nourish something other than my financial status; that feed my soul rather than my bank account. Not that creative work shouldn't be valued in a monetary way – not at all – but when it comes to my own passion pursuits, away from my full time weekday work, I want to be investing my time into projects that elevate myself and others on a deeper kinda level. My recent shoot with upcoming fashion designer Farah Sydney ticked aaall of those boxes. 

While there are doubtlessly downsides to social media culture, it's pretty indisputable that – when used consciously and moderately – channels such as Instagram provide a platform to cultivate connections that extend beyond the online environment. They can be a place to cultivate a network of likeminded, lovely humans who share their own talents and symbiotically raise the talents of others. So when Farah slid into my DMs the other week and asked me to capture her new collection (feat. models she also stumbled upon via IG), my interest was immediately piqued. 

On speaking to Farah, it became clear that fashion is more than a superficial accessory to her. It's a means of pushing forward her own values; creating garments with a cause. As an unapologetic proponent of female power and straight up egalitarian, aligning myself with Farah's vision (and helping her realise it) was a no-brainer.  

From the quality of the pieces to the equality imbued into their fabric, every element of the collection was thoroughly considered and created with care. Inspired by the magic of diverse skin tones and perspectives, Farah's work is a product of love at every level. Hate isn't welcome here.

Location: Aufbau Haus, Kreuzberg