Sunday 28 February 2016


When it comes to footwear, I – in the most literal of senses – rarely step outside my comfort zone; you’ll seldom catch me sans my trusty (albeit battered) pairs of Air Force 1s. 

That being said, my alternative “sole” searching sessions have always drawn me towards the classic Stan Smith. Like Nike’s timeless model, the signature sneaker by Adidas is a time-honoured type that works with the contents of practically every closet. 

Having justified the investment to myself – such is key to my buying decisions  – I just needed to decide on the specific Stan variant to go for (Green? Black? Laces? Velcro?). After a lengthy period of deliberating, the choice was then suddenly made very easy at the discovery of their recently released zig-zag design in German concept store Kauf Dich Gl├╝cklich

Retaining the minimalist aesthetic of the much-loved model, I was drawn to this new embroidered number for its slightly novel, very “me” little touch. While the reduced sole height initially took a bit of getting used to (compared to the raised base I’m accustomed to with the Air Forces), not to mention the whiter than white finish (so fresh so clean), they’ve now reached staple status in my wardrobe. 

Indeed, a couple of months worn in and I haven't looked back: I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna really, really, really wanna zig-a-zig-ah.

Sunday 14 February 2016

Weekly wisdom #15

All of it. However silly, trivial or fruitless an idea might seem in the moment, treat each passing notion as one of potential; part of a process. By putting pen to paper – that is, by always having pen and paper to hand – you can explore each spark of creativity in an entirely organic way. #Nofilter. 

Apart from being incredibly cathartic, the act of capturing flowing thoughts while they’re fresh in our minds prevents us from shutting down concepts that could ultimately grow far greater than the seedlings they originate as. 

Don’t overthink, don’t overanalyse. Record what you see, what you feel, what you experience. Our stream-of-consciousness is messy and unpredictable – our notebooks should reflect that. As I expanded on here, actively using your hands triggers a more open, less self-conscious outpouring of ideas and inspirations.

Whether these ever leave the confines of your notepad or not, you’re quite literally making your mark, in a deeply personal and individualised way. You’re documenting yourself and your thinking process visually, distinctively. 

And who knows where that could lead?