Monday 19 December 2016

Let's talk about socks, baby

Whether in giant stocking or cheesy gift form, the humble sock is in many ways synonymous with the season to be jolly (falalalala lalalala etc). And while certainly a garment that’s traditionally gifted to the awkward-family-member-to-buy-for at Christmas, socks needn’t be given such an uninspiring rep. 

On the contrary: This particularly sock-centric season is one to be embraced. Amidst a spell of swaddling beneath winter coats, scarves, hats, mittens and the rest, our foot accessories of choice can provide a subtle – or not so subtle – style statement on a drab winter day. 

In combining style and substance (so practical, so warm), a pair of ostentatious socks adds a brazen touch to an otherwise understated look. Wear them how you like of course – they're your feet – but I've personally been revelling in the addition of a crop of cacti or bunch of avocados to my majorly monochrome get-up.

Apart from anything else, a little tongue-in-cheek, "unfashionable" fashion is all in the spirit of the festive season. Far from an awkward afterthought, the staple sock has duly earned its time on top of the wish list – if only because you'll have yet another reason to put your feet up this Christmas.

Photos by Leila.

Sunday 11 December 2016


A shop! A shop! I've made a little shop. is its name, and for now the offering is simple but sweet: Lovingly hand-lettered paper goods to lift your spirits, each individually made to order with my own fair fingers.

It's been on the cards (ha) for a while now, longer than a while in fact, delayed in part due to my characteristically perfectionist proclivities and yearning to create something bigger than it needs to start out as. Not that I don't have larger goals for my petite passion project, but I had to give my brain a little talking to and stress the importance of just starting and embracing the entire process – however petite and no-frills that initial form takes. 

So here we have it: A dedicated space to purchase my paper wares, created for every occasion you might like them for. The selection you see on the site is all pre-designed, but you're also more than welcome to request a custom design! Whatever the order, I'll always make it with a lotta TLC and prettily package it all too. 


Take a little look and tell your friends! You can also stay updated @itsbrogues on Insta.