Sunday 11 December 2016


A shop! A shop! I've made a little shop. is its name, and for now the offering is simple but sweet: Lovingly hand-lettered paper goods to lift your spirits, each individually made to order with my own fair fingers.

It's been on the cards (ha) for a while now, longer than a while in fact, delayed in part due to my characteristically perfectionist proclivities and yearning to create something bigger than it needs to start out as. Not that I don't have larger goals for my petite passion project, but I had to give my brain a little talking to and stress the importance of just starting and embracing the entire process – however petite and no-frills that initial form takes. 

So here we have it: A dedicated space to purchase my paper wares, created for every occasion you might like them for. The selection you see on the site is all pre-designed, but you're also more than welcome to request a custom design! Whatever the order, I'll always make it with a lotta TLC and prettily package it all too. 


Take a little look and tell your friends! You can also stay updated @itsbrogues on Insta. 

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