Tuesday 2 June 2015

Weekly wisdom #8

Pop into any bookstore (how quaint) and you'll find shelves awash with guides preachin' how to attain mindfulness amid the madness of modern day life. So many, in fact, that the choice gets a bit, er, mind-boggling. Not to say there aren't a few gems in there. But it needn't be so complicated. 

While practicing mindfulness certainly takes dedicated and sustained effort, the principle is really very simple. Focus on the now. Be fully aware of your surroundings (note the tiniest, seemingly insignificant details). Revel in life's daily pauses (waiting for the kettle to boil, queuing at the post office). Consciously seek a space of inner stillness and uncluttered contentedness. Don't get wrapped up in it all: empty your mind, allow yourself to just be

Today: mindful not mind full


  1. It has been a big goal of mine this year to practice mindfulness, it's hard sometimes, but I'm really trying to make an effort to not only live in the moment but to also appreciate all the little things in life :)

    xx Amber// www.thenakedcollective.ca

    1. Yeah, it always needs working on but is so very worth it when you do! Keep it up Amber, and thanks a bunch for reading :) xx