Monday 3 March 2014

Design domingo

While on my Matadero jaunt this Sunday, I unwittingly (and all too happily) hit upon actual design dreamland. The Mercado Central de Diseño, housed in the design wing of my fave interdisciplinary creative complex, is a two-day monthly event which showcases national talent within the design field. 

Firstly, I really should big up Matadero in itself, as I don't think I've previously mentioned it on the blog. This former abattoir (plain talk: slaughterhouse) and livestock market, designed in the early 20th century by rated Spanish architect Luis Bellido, is today a stunning and vast creative breeding ground containing superabundant artistic disciplines: dance, music, performing + visual arts, fashion, literature, design, architecture, philosophy and cinema. 

The grand Plaza Matadero often accommodates open-air art installations, as well as providing the serene setting for Matadero's outdoor bar/eating area. There's even a bicicleta rental facility, if ya fancy freewheeling around the site in style. It's an all-round enchanting spot, with the building's previous life lending it both an eerie and remarkable character. Nothin' but praise.

Yesterday's design convention totally reflected the Matadero team's commitment to curating and cultivating a space of contemporary creation, where culturally minded and design-loving folk can connect, reflect and participate. One-off stalls suffused the capacious, industrial-interiored Central de Diseño, all (wo)manned by passionate designers and makers selling their innovative wares. From fashion to furniture to art works, I could've effortlessly blown my mythical €€€€s on the diverse line-up of lustworthy goods.

Here's a compilation of my STANDouts:

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