Monday 16 June 2014

Back to Mac

Back to Mac © Brogues Cozens-McNeelance

(No) thanks to a series of unfortunate laptop events, I’ve reluctantly been computer-less for the past month or so, forcing me into a bit of a blogging silence. Ohh. Without boring y’all with the tedious technicalities, both Apple and UPS essentially screwed me over - big time. 

Long story very short... One shiny laptop and a broken bank account later, I can re-find my flow at last! Sad as it sounds, Apple products constitute a core (ha) part of both my personal and professional existence; they’re pretty mandatory players in gettin’ my sh*t done. So despite my recently born wrath towards them, I’ve gotta admit it’s nice to be back in business, even if the excitement’s just a little tainted with exasperation. Anyway, now you know. Expect a healthy flurry of posts coming your way very shortly! YAY.

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