Friday 21 November 2014

It's a colourful life

Now we're into the second half of November, I don't think I'm being overzealous when I say that the festive season is well and truly upon us. After all, the home of the red cups has had their - arguably premature - Christmas playlist on repeat (on repeat, on repeat, etc.) for a solid number of weeks. This in mind, I felt it more than justified - right?! - to invest in a few seasonal style staples to see me through the chilly months ahead.

It was only when I got my miniature haul home that I realised my present penchant for muted tones has got a bit out of hand. On a practical level though, a - perhaps drab, perhaps minimalist - neutral wardrobe acts as a neat blank canvas on which to embellish more exciting personal touches, from a flamboyant flower, to a statement necklace, to a bold lip (as pictured). After all, they say that "women who wear black lead colourful lives" (or so I shall convince myself); that little adage will do just fine.

// Jumpers: H&M | Oversized Scarf: H&M | Collared Shirt: American Apparel | Necklace: Tatty Devine | Lipstick: Rival de Loop Berlin #58 | Earrings: Primark // 

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