Thursday 11 December 2014

Cribmas joy

If you're anything like me, yule have thoroughly caught tinselitus and be stocking up on festive frills to adorn your crib and spread some good vibrations by now. Oh (rein)deery me. Terrible Christmas puns aside - so sorry - I really do lapland up any excuse to rejig my room's interior a little, and this high-spirited season is the ultimate occasion to do just that. True to my all-consuming personal design aesthetic, you'll see that I like to keep it minimalist even during the most sparkling time of year. This doesn't, however, detract from the next level cosiness granted by the merry little additions rockin' around my uni room of late. And it's not totally sparkle free. Have a nosy!

// "Happy Holidays" decoration: Paperchase (£2.50) | Reindeer + Christmas tree: Wilko (£1.50 each) | Festive mug: Paperchase (£6) | Sparkly stag: Primark (last year) //

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