Wednesday 18 October 2017

Lena Söllner's girls

While I've always been into self-expression through style (and had an ongoing preoccupation with fashion at large), I've never quite mustered the guts nor skill set to delve into the art of actually creating the garms I clad on my body in. Which makes my awe and admiration for the humans who dedicate their craft to making clothes all the greater. 

Case in point is Lena Söllner, who recently commissioned me to capture her latest collection – after spotting my work for fellow fashion student Farah Sydney, funnily enough. As I touched upon in my post about Farah, the soul satiation is my sole motivation behind any photography side jobs I agree to take on – so if it ticks my creative boxes and involves good people, I'm in. 

Here's a little curation of the outcome. 

Location: Prince Charles, Kreuzberg

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