Friday 13 September 2013


I only went and did it. 

Yesterday, I took the super spontaneous decision to swap my signature bird's nest barnet for an above-the-shoulder bob 'do. DUNDUNDUNNNN. Yeah, I know, hair is seemingly a tr├Ęs trivial topic to have a bee in ya bonnet (in my case beehive) about, but it's actually kinda crazy how much a hairstyle can come to define you in one way or another. But, as India.Arie might say, I Am Not My Hair. And you are not your hair either. Even though it is lookin fresh today.

Having looked exActly the same for the past six-ish years and refused to have a professional haircut throughout this entire period, I (out of absolutely nowhere) decided I would just. do. it. But it had to be spur of the moment, and I couldn't tell anyone, or else I knew I'd totally overthink it and cluck my way out of that hairdressers like a big ol' chicken.  

Stumbling across this photograph on Pinterest influenced my decision though, I think:

 So yeah, I got a good ten inches chopped off. And actually, in a superficial sort of way, I feel pretty liberated; it's so easy to get stuck in a rut (hair related or otherwise). It's also a healthy mane for the first time in GODKNOWSHOWLONG.

 But the flower is staying. The flower is definitely staying.

My little hair monster, bless it.

Ahh, and it turns out it was quite a timely trim! The bob is soo Autumn/Winter 2013-2014, don't ya know.

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