Wednesday 29 October 2014

Hint o' Halloween

This Monday, in anticipation of Friday's hair-raisin' happenings,  my not-so-fearsome flatmates and I prepped and presented a humble Halloween evening with the lovely lot that live a few doors down from us. The sartorial interpretations of the night's "black tie with a hint of Halloween" theme were varied and impressive, ranging from my burgundy-lipped look with día de los muertos style maxi, to a stunning star-embellished ensemble from a certain Lucy Iron. 

Our cute crib was transformed into a veritable haunted house, comprising of carefully draped cobwebs (apologies Mr Beckham), bloody prosthetic hands and dislodged - jelly - eyeballs. The sinister scene was even accompanied by a bunch of good (almost) clean games, including the old school mummy wrap contest and guest-specific clandestine challenges. 

Gastronomy-wise, we went for a simple but seasonal starter of ghoulish guacamole and creepy crudités, presented very much in keeping with the night's overriding vibe. These were followed up by a not-so-novelty main of chicken rollatini with spinach alla parmigiana (piri piri smoked mackerel for pesky pescetarian me), served with new potatoes and a splendiferous side salad. For the formidable - in both senses of the word - finale, strawberries were served up with a ghost-shaped white chocolate coating, as well as gold-spritzed mini pumpkin pies, handmade by Miss Amy SW. 

Suffice it to say that we all had a bloody (ha) brilliant eve, spent with the finest folk I coulda wished for. Indeed, if Monday night's events were any indication of the memory makin' to come, this final uni year's gonna be far from gruesome.

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