Thursday 9 October 2014

Miso obsessed

As I somewhat begrudgingly accept the decreasing temps with the dawn of autumn/winter, the staple summer salads I've been reaching for over the past couple of months just don't quite satisfy. Enter the need for a spot of internal heating in gastronomic form. But, while conventional comfort foods are the ultimate kinda comfort (duh) during this crisp weather phase, fast-paced schedules and short lunch periods - whether at school, uni, work or otherwise - often make heavy midday meals a touch inconvenient when it comes to swerving sluggishness and preserving productivity throughout the afternoon. 

Happily, though, I seem to have found the perfect compromise: hello, miso soup. Don't get me wrong, I haven't just discovered this magical little superfood, but a certain miso delivery service has stirred up a freshly found fancy for the Asian soybean-derived paste. As the name divulges, Miso Tasty provides super flavoursome fare and sends it straight to your door. Honestly, you'd be hard pressed to find something not to love about this humble UK-born brand; the country's first dedicated miso company, as it happens. Having recently been introduced to Miso Tasty, I am now an out-and-out convert to miso home delivery - can't say I saw that coming. 

While on face value this might all sound rather exorbitant - I'm still a prudent student after all - if you break it down it amounts to less than £1 per serving; more keenly priced than ya might think. Delivered in bento style boxes of eight, the pastes come in both 'Classic' and 'Spicy Aka' varieties, all accompanied by petite packets of umami, spring onion and wakame seaweed. They're light in both senses of the word, making the sachets a handy and portable go-to at any time of day; all you need is a kettle and a vessel. Being as well-seasoned as they are, the pastes even work as a spice-infused stock or spread. And, crucially for my (petty) proclivity for packaging, the brand's design and tone is both friendly and inviting. I'm in.

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