Sunday 12 April 2015

This week I'm lovin'

Run-of-the-(tread)mill gyms aren't for me. Exercise has always played a huge, fundamental part of my life, it's just I've never seen gym membership as a prerequisite to staying active. This isn't to say there's anything inherently wrong with them at all - I appreciate they totally are for some people - but up to now I've personally associated fitness centres with repetitious rows of uninspiring, colourless machines and testosterone-fuelled grunting in the weights area. All of which kinda detracts from the pure, unmitigated glee and sense of wellbeing I otherwise equate physical activity with. It is - or at least should be - fun

Saying that, I'm always open to trying out fresh fitness hangouts, all the more so when they profess a new approach to habitual gym monotony. Enter 1Rebel: the self-proclaimed "new face of fitness". Far from the soul-destroying, intimidating set-up of many a fitness counterpart, their no-contract workout "boutiques" are inspiring, friendly and certainly induce those all important positive endorphins. And that's before you start on the health haunt's faultless interior (those changing rooms!) and on-site Roots & Bulbs cold-pressed juice bar. Needless to say, this week's hip-hop/R&B themed "Ride 'n' Grind" group spin session left me in the highest spirits possible. Turns out, not all gyms are created equal. 

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