Sunday 10 January 2016

Beach daze

The spell between late December/early January's always a bit of a blur; all concept of days and dates seems to dissipate. So I can't decide whether it feels like a really long time ago since Christmas, or like no time at all. According to the dates in my camera though, it's been nearly three weeks since I reconnected with my beloved Cozens cousins on England's north east coast.

Having not returned to the motherland since moving full-time to Berlin last June, my festive stint in the U.K. (namely London and Newcastle) was a much yearned for opportunity to catch up with some of my nearest and dearest, not to mention drop into some of my most frequented haunts and hangouts.

As with every year, Christmas was spent hibernating in the company of my Geordie fam. Aside from the obvious perk of spending quality time with Salpal's side of the family, this also granted glorious seaside stomps and scenic morning runs. Nothin' blows the cobwebs away like an eye-wateringly windy walk along Whitburn beach.

Having grown accustomed to regular Toon trips while studying at nearby Durham uni, chances to chill with some of my most cherished chums are now back to being few and far between, making these kinda moments all the more important; having close family (in a spiritual, rather than geographical sense) isn't to be taken for granted.  

 For me, the Christmas period has always been about cultivating priceless memories with those you know 'n' love the most – and in this case, quality time precedes quantity time, every time.

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