Wednesday 4 May 2016

Apple crumble + custard shake (VGN)

Don't get me wrong, I love (love) to eat, but I'm also quite the beverage enthusiast – and any excuse to whip out my beloved blender, too. This in mind, experimenting with fun smoothie and shake concoctions (while keeping the ingredients as more-or-less wholesome as I can), is a regular event in my little Berlin kitchen.  

As with most of my culinary creations, this combination came about kinda fortuitously – the result of needing to use up ingredients before a quick London getaway –  but I thought the outcome was worth a share. Dainty disclaimer: Don't go expecting an actual apple crumble and custard dish, but rather an alternative take on the conventional dessert's fundamental flavours, unconventionally remixed into a sweet and (I think) lovely liquid.  

For one serving, you will need: 

> 1x banana 
> approx. 200ml dairy free vanilla milk (Alpro's soya vanilla has the most custard-like taste, but choose according to your own preference!)
> a handful of cashews
> 1 tbsp vanilla protein (I use NUA Naturals vanilla rice protein powder)
> a squeeze of agave/maple syrup
> 1 tsp cinnamon
> 3 tbsp apple purée (100% apples)
> for the topping: a sprinkle of oats, crushed cashews, date sugar and/or coconut sugar  


1) Blend the banana, vanilla milk, agave/maple syrup, cashews, vanilla protein and cinnamon.
2) Spoon the apple purée into the base of your jar (or other vessel of choice). 
3) Pour the vanilla shake over the apple purée.
4) Sprinkle your oats and cashews (toasted if you like), as well as date or coconut sugar on top.
5) Pop a straw in. A little spoon might come in handy too. Ta-da.