Friday 15 August 2014

This week EyeEm lovin'

Over the past couple of months, I've taken quite the shine to rapidly on-the-rise photo sharing app, EyeEm. Though I haven't entirely neglected the likes of Instagram, Berlin-based EyeEm is without doubt its cleaner, upgraded counterpart. Particularly apt for creative souls with a penchant for photography, the image stream is of high quality and above all aesthetically on point. 

What's more, EyeEm's partnership with Getty Images enables you to offer up your work to a renowned stock photo marketplace; it recognises and rewards quality photography, whether you're a pro or not. In a similar vein, regularly-set 'Missions' encourage out-of-the-box thinking, with current topics including: 'What Does Peace Look Like To You?', 'RePicture Femininity', 'Transitional Moments' and 'Supersize Yourself'; an open-call to transgress the boundaries of traditional selfies, through creative innovation. 

So, it was with a touch of glee that I discovered the EyeEm team made me their 'Photographer of the Day' today! I was especially touched by their comment about 'making the mundane beautiful', as it's a philosophy I hold pretty close, be it in photography or life as a whole. They were even sweet enough to feature one of my images in their '10 Tips & Tricks For Shooting Great Portraits' article. A petite (and perhaps trivial) win it may be, but you've gotta appreciate the small triumphs. 

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