Thursday 11 September 2014

This week I'm lovin'

It's the little gratifications that ultimately add up to a rich life, and to me - and Virgil circa 70 B.C. -  the greatest wealth is health. That, and good packaging design, obviously. Design is important. These Harvest Moon beverages, which I sourced from my local Biosupermarkt, tick both boxes. While the juice hype is huge right now, fresh and clean livin' is far from a fad, and needn't be overpriced or inaccessible either. With its boundless Bio stores (think keenly priced Whole Foods Markets on every corner), Berlin is a total treasure for slow food followers and the health-aware. 

Retailing at an economical €1.99 (about £1.50), these 300ml bottles of - vegan and lactose free - goodness come in six fresh variations: 

> Acai, strawberry + cranberry
> Guava, passionfruit + mangosteen
> Mango, peach, spirulina + wheatgrass (pictured)
> Raw cacao, banana + vanilla (also pictured)
> Mango + passionfruit
> Strawberry + orange

Having tried and tested each flavour - just for research purposes, of course - I can definitively vouch for their top taste, the raw cacao number being my current sweet treat go-to. Fresh flavours and handsome packaging ought to make you richer, not poorer - good job Harvest Moon.

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