Wednesday 4 March 2015

A visual diary: 4 days in Berlin

Not that confirmation was required, at all, but last week's all too fleeting visit to my Berloved completely, totally and utterly cemented my post-uni living plans. The first-rate company, expertly timed weather and super fine food jaunts only added to the traumhaft trip. Ohh, there's just something - well, a lot of things - about the beaut German capital that brings me an ineffable kinda contentment. It's all a bit much. To save me from trying and failing to do wordy justice to it all, here's a lil visual documentation of my fresh 4-day Berlin stint: 


  1. SICK. Especially like the b&w structural details *.*
    My dad's about to go to Berlin for a week, tooo jealous! x

    Frame Ambition by Julie O

    1. Ahh, thank you! You'll have to try and have a trip sometime (and in the meantime ask your dad to bring you something nice back hehe) x