Saturday 31 January 2015

Adieu, January

It doesn't seem like two seconds since I was greeting the new year with my wordy wanderings, and now here I am bidding farewell to the month of Jan, or should I say, Veganuary. Time really does fly when you're having (foodie) fun.  On the back of these past 31 plant-based days, I don't think it's a coincidence that I note especially high energy levels, an increased skin glow and a very happy tummy. Not to mention even more of an enthusiasm for vibrant vegan nourishment.

As I've indicated previously, this transient transition hasn't been the greatest contrast to my ordinary lifestyle - especially with my long-time lactose intolerance and deep-rooted love for plant power - but it's been a sweet opportunity to wholeheartedly devote my energy towards a movement that's intrigued and attracted me for a while.  Post-Veganuary, I think I'll more or less be sticking to what's worked for me over the past few weeks, albeit adopting a slightly more lenient approach; sustainably sourced fish (viz. SUSHI) and eggs will be making an appearance too. I'm not preachin' - living freely and according to our own personal principles is key - but I really do advocate a fresh food philosophy that's mindful, balanced, positive and nourishing. An inside-out approach that facilitates your happiest, most radiant self: just some food for thought. 

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