Saturday 3 January 2015

Borough Market glee

Having missed the chance before Christmas, I was bent on hitting South London's beloved Borough Market before its annual festive adornments came to an end for another year - not that it ever lacks sparkle outside the season of goodwill. This in mind, today's inconvenient spot of rain wasn't gonna stop me from swinging by my fave foodie paradise for lunch. And it seemed others weren't deterred either, since - as is customary on a weekend - fellow food lovers flocked in their masses to satisfy gastronomical cravings. 

Even without the crowds, it's all too easy to lose yourself amid the resplendent selection of sights, smells and - most importantly - samples. Admittedly, there are trips where so many tasters are consumed that I leave little room left for much else. The breads! The oils! The honeys! It's hard not to get a foodie buzz (geddit) from all the first-rate fare.

This time around, though, I managed to save myself (a bit) for something more substantial too. Small wins! My Veganuary-friendly lunch consisted of a pretty delectable sweet potato and chickpea number from The Veggie Table, while Mama opted for a dreamy looking - and smelling - pad thai dish, followed by a mouthwatering medley of salted caramel and burnt sugar fudge. 
Oh Borough Market, you do make me happy.

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