Friday 16 January 2015

This week I'm lovin'

Having been faithful to Veganuary for half a month (already!), I thought it might be apt to spotlight some of the tried-and-tested treats that have kept my foodstuffs far from boring over the past two weeks. While these goodies were admittedly part of my daily fare prior to this dedicated month of veganism, they've become all the more appreciated against the backdrop of a - marginally - more limited diet.   

1) COYO // This creamy, dreamy coconut dessert tastes anything but dairy-free, soya-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free. Available in a fine array of flavours - vanilla, mixed berry, chocolate, mango and natural to name a few - this yoghurt's so rich in flavour and texture that it serves as a satisfying cream alternative to boot!  

2) Rebel Kitchen // Having hit upon these fun, flavoursome "mylks" in Berlin's Veganz last year, I've been hooked on Rebel Kitchen ever since. Comprising of a coconut milk base - there's a theme here - these delicious dairy-free, refined sugar-free bevs come in chai, matcha and chocolate variants and are neatly packaged, too (always a plus). Chai and chocolate are my particular faves! 

3) Raw Health // I'm a big fan of this wholesome lil brand in general, but their 'Super Seed Spread' has made a particularly frequent appearance in my diet of late. A fabulous source of those vital omega-3 fatty acids - let's not demonise all fats, please - this versatile little spread is a nifty source of nourishment in the absence of fish. "Scrumptious seed power" indeed.

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