Thursday 1 January 2015

New year, same me

As with every year, waving adieu to the season of excess and entering a fresh 12 month period inevitably signals the worn out "new year, new me" catchphrase. Mainstream glossies across the globe have eked out this cookie-cutter formula since, well, forever. While good intentions and self-betterment are not - by any means - to be knocked, this kinda fad-style mentality, in my opinion, neglects the idea that you (yeah you) are really, really great as you are. To me, a measured and mindful process of personal improvement is the real deal; a rapid and thoroughgoing makeover just isn't sustainable, nor required. We are a work in progress, people! 

While I try to stave off society's apparent insistence on changing me (which just isn't gonna happen - soz), I nonetheless see early January as an opportunity to reflect on where I'm at, set achievable personal goals and give myself a challenge that might just facilitate a fresh perspective or two. Growth is good. This in mind, I'll be taking part in this year's Veganuary: an international endeavour to commit to veganism for the month of Jan (as the name suggests).

Those who know me will be aware of my already existing enthusiasm for real, unprocessed, whole foods; I'm a big believer that food should be eaten consciously, and steer clear of processed GM junk where possible. It just feels better! Naturally, then, it figures that I'm curious about a movement with an overriding philosophy of sustainability, awareness and plant-based eatin'. Indeed, in this speedy society of on-the-go grub and often mindless consumption, the idea back-to-basics nourishment seems all the more appealing. 

During this month-long period, I don't intend to get all preachy and self-righteous, but rather to test out an alternative mode of living and prove - to both myself and anyone that's interested - that there's more to a vegan lifestyle than tofu and tree hugging (not that there's anything wrong with either of those). I won't be depriving myself of food groups or fun, I'll simply be remixing dishes in an experimental fashion, keeping them nutrient-rich and close to how nature intended. Feel free to follow me on this little venture!

However you might intend to start 2015, have a Happy New Year! And, if you fancy, meditate on this - deep but true - little gem from the wise Osho: 
"Drop all efforts to change yourself. Put your whole energy into knowing yourself, and out of that knowing comes growth. And that growth will bring your original face. You have to be only yourself. You have to be only that which you already are."

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